Saturday, May 22, 2010

Fridge Facelift

This bad boy came with the house.  Please, try not to be jealous. 
I appreciate 'retro' to a certain degree, I really do.  I just don't think I could stomach this green giant greeting me every morning as I reach for the half & half.  The refrigerator is on our 'to be replaced' list, but it's not urgent.  Especially since the green giant is remarkably clean.  And you know what?  It keeps food cold.    So, basically we were just dealing with the ugly factor.  The rest of the appliances are black.  Easy fix.  

Paint it black.

Paint it black with chalkboard paint.

And now we have a fun and functional fridge.  It's a conversation piece (in case it wasn't enough of one already).  It's also a handy spot to keep a list of grocery essentials.  And most importantly, it's a way to entertain the kiddos. 
But won't there be gobs of chalk dust on your floor, you ask?  Probably.  But I live with two young children, so there's also always raisins, cheerios, blocks, and possibly pee all over the floor anyway.


Alisha said...

Sweeeeeeeeeeeeet! I can hardly wait to come up and chalk your fridge!

Caleb said...

i love that fridge. your ideas have made our home so much better!

Hydes said...

I LOVE what you have done so far! You are so creative and have a great eye for this decorating stuff! Can't wait to see more pics! Hope yall are doing well! :)

Stephanie Trapp said...

What a great idea and it looks great, too! I think you've mentioned before that you read the Nester but last month she had a post about chalk markers that you can get at Michael's. That might help with the chalk dust problem. But chalk markers in the hands of little ones might create an entirely different problem! :)

Here's the Nester's post about them:

Brenda said...

Keli - what a unique idea - I love it and I'm sure Nella and Silas will too as well as all the cousins that come visit!

Mama2SweetBabyJames said...

Such a fun idea! I have chalkboard spray paint which I am using to make a home made "refrigerator" for my two year old so he can chalk it up. But I sure hadn't thought of using it on a real refrigerator!

The Kiefers said...

Awesome!! You are so creative!

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