Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Little White Bungalow Tour - Bathroom

The bathroom. 
Before I flash these before & afters, I'll fill you in on everything you need to know about our bathroom. It's small and there's only one. Ok, that's it. Here we go!

Yeah, it's like that. But I saw potential.  

Adorable, right?

This outdated fixture cracks me up. Bows? HAHA! Needless to say, that was the first thing to go.

We chose something basic and unfussy. And cheap. We're not made of money over here at the Little White Bungalow. One bathroom, remember? You're livin' large if you have more than one of those!

The vanity was actually pretty new. But the drawers were busted. 
Then I broke one of the doors. 
Then it hung funny, even after buying two different replacement hinges.
Then I was angry. So I busted the drawers and doors out with a crowbar. 
And then I felt great!
But then our once hidden bathroom stuffs were exposed.
Then it stayed that way for a couple of months. 

Then I finally bought some white paint and painted it. 
And then a couple of weeks after that, I bought some navy and white striped fabric at Ikea. 
Then a few months after that, I whipped up a curtain to cover the result of my fit of rage. See? All better. And it only took half a year!

I also painted the weird and ugly but useful cabinet that hangs above the toilet. I bought that snazzy shower curtain from Target. When we needed a new shower curtain, it's the first place I thought to go. Some people (crazy-rich people who probably have more than one bathroom) might think to browse Pottery Barn, Anthropologie, Ballard Designs or other purveyors of fine shower curtains. Why would you do that? These days Target is so, so good at knocking those guys off...
I love you, Target!

The opposite wall had four randomly placed towel bars. I took 'em down.

And I hung pretty things there instead. 
And we now hang our towels on hooks on the back of the door. Because wet towels don't deserve to be on display.

The wreath was a gift, made by my talented sister. (Thanks, Becky!) 
The white frame was $1 on clearance at Hobby Lobby. It had baby blue and white striped backing with a 'G' initial. I busted out the back, ripped off the 'G,' lined it with some gingham fabric and added a photo. Voila! 
I painted the Illinois canvas myself. It's a total knock off based on these paintings on etsy. 

Well, there ya have it. Our (one and only) bathroom. We like it!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Punks at the Pool

Hi.  So, I haven't blogged since early May. Awesome, huh?

I took the kids to Sholem Aquatic Center this morning. It's a really fun public pool/water park that has a nice toddler pool with fountains and a slide. The toddler pool area is only for kids 3 and under, which works out perfectly for us! Kids 3 and under are admitted for free and adults are just $3. So, it's a fun and budget friendly way to spend a weekday morning. I took some photos with my iPod.

Walking to the pool.

Running and splashing!

Silas liked playing with other kids' toys.

Nella loved the slide.

Silas loved jumping in.

Snack time.

After swimming. They were wiped out!

So very exhausted after a morning of swimming in the sun!