Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Chicago Date Weekend

After the Segway tour we headed to meet our friends for lunch. Oh, Chicago deep dish pizza, I just love you!

After lunch we met up with my sister to say hello before she went in to work. 
She's goofy.

Then we walked next door to the John Hancock Building so we could get in (the mega-long) line for the observatory.
I had seen this and really wanted to do it, but we decided not to. The rink was tiny and there were only little kids skating so instead we bought some coffee and admired the view.
It really is a beautiful city.

And since it is just right there near the bus stop, we hit up Anthropologie before heading back to Hotel Sattayatam.
Caleb admired the bookcases while I admired everything else. It is such a lovely store.

This is the Hotel Sattayatam staff: our friends Kristin & Thadchai (and their not-yet-born daughter).
Then we relaxed and watched 'Friday' cover videos and Epic Meal Time videos on YouTube. 
Side notes:
1. Surely you know tween pop star Rebecca Black's awful song 'Friday' and all the hilarious covers by now, right?
2. Consider this a warning; Epic Meal Time, though absolutely hilarious, can be disgusting and at times downright offensive. Maybe not for those with weak stomachs.

Later that night, after my sister got off of work, we took her out to dinner. 
She chose Papajin in Bucktown. Bucktown is such a hipster neighborhood. It's so hipster that me and my pink Gap cardigan felt out of place.
The restaurant was cool and the food was delicious. I can see why she loves it.
It was great to see my sister, I miss getting to spend time with her.

Sunday morning we had brunch at Yolk. Sunday morning brunch is serious business in Chicago. Our wait wasn't as long as we were expecting. 
Worth the wait. It was incredible. No matter how enticing the other menu offerings are, it's very difficult for me to order anything other than eggs benedict. It's my favorite breakfast of all time. 

We followed up brunch with a stroll through the Lincoln Park Apple Store. It's the coolest one I've ever been in; you can see right through the store! You can't tell in my photo, so click the link and see what I mean.

Then we left to go pick up our kiddos. 
They had fun at Granny and Grandpa's house. They were worn out!!
This video was taken 10 minutes outside of Champaign.

Ha! They were totally fine once we got home. We had a picnic dinner outside, played in the backyard, gave them a bath, and then they crashed! 

Thanks to Granny & Grandpa for watching the kids so we could getaway!
Thanks to Kristin & Thadchai for letting us crash at their apartment (saving us hundreds on a downtown hotel)!

We had such a great weekend spending time with each other, catching up with friends, visiting my sister, eating delicious food, window shopping at cool stores and riding Segways (and scary Chicago public transportation). Can't wait until the next getaway weekend!

Chicago Date Weekend - Segway Tour

Last weekend we dropped the kids off with Granny and Grandpa and headed to Chicago for a date weekend. I highly recommend weekend getaways. They are just marvelous. We're fortunate enough to have sweet friends who live right in the city and let us stay with them (I refer to it as Hotel Sattayatam). Our weekend was so fun and relaxing.

On Saturday, we decided to be super-nerds and take a Segway tour.  

Do you want to know the best way to see a city that you've already seen hundreds of times? On a Segway, that's how. 

'Insert your favorite Gob Bluth reference here.' 

It was so fun! It was surprisingly tricky to get the hang of. They can go a lot faster than I was expecting.

It was sunny but cold. Typical of Chicago in March.

We don't mind being super-nerds. 

The tour was so fun and I'm so glad that we decided to do it. If you find yourself in a city that offers a Segway tour, I recommend that you go for it.