Monday, November 30, 2009

Redeemer Newsletter

Also, you can listen to Caleb's sermon by going to, clicking 'Sermons' and launching the sermon player.

Thanksgiving '09

This year we spent the Thanksgiving holiday in Marion. We enjoyed delicious food and quality time with family and friends. Some pictures of the kids:

There was a kids table. It lasted less than 10 minutes. Nella and Simon were ready to play.

One bite, two bites, three bits, done!

Silas' first Thanksgiving. He couldn't even eat turkey!

'What do you mean I'm too big for this seat?'

Silas and Jonas just doing what they do; be cute.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Thank You Note

Dear Target,
Thank you for updating your store brand diapers. I recently found myself wandering your baby care aisles feeling frustrated by the price of the diapers I normally buy. You see, as of 7 weeks ago, I purchase twice the amount I used to. Let down in the past by your diapers, I reluctantly reached for a box of your new and modestly priced 'up & up' brand. I was pleasantly surprised to find them not only economical and practical, but aesthetically pleasing as well. They are now almost, almost, as good as pricier brands (Ahem, Pampers). Affordable and adorable; now my babes stay cute and dry while running, or lying, around.

Also, the box doubles as a super-fun toy!