Friday, March 26, 2010

Cocomero - Local Gem

Cocomero is quickly becoming one of our favorite places in town.  It's a sweet little self-serve frozen yogurt shop.

It was sunny outside today, so we decided to celebrate that sunshine by going for frozen yogurt.  

Picking out a flavor.  Caleb likes French Vanilla and Strawberry.  I love Cafe Au Lait.  Nella likes 'em all.  (I love the tiled wall.  Isn't it cool!?)


47 cents per ounce.

Seriously, look how fun this place is!  Upstairs seating, fun colors, tiled wall, healthy(ish) frozen yogurt, giant topping bar, fun views of campus.  They also serve espresso, coffee, tea, and bubble tea.


Caleb and Nella watch people walk around Campustown.

She just loves spinning on the stools.

Fun afternoon.  Come visit us and we'll take you to Cocomero!

Silas (Sorta) Eats Cereal

We fed Silas his first bites of rice cereal recently.  He didn't protest as much as I was expecting, but he didn't love it either.  He grabs the spoon (of course!) so most of the cereal spills before it gets to his mouth.  Whatever little bit manages to enter his mouth, he spits right back out.  He'll learn.  He will learn, right??!!  Nella was excited for Silas to eat cereal from a spoon and loved getting to help feed him.

 "Is it my turn to feed him yet?  You said I could feed him."

"Dat's Silas ceweal!!"  "Silas eat the ceweal!"

What?  Did you think she would forget to feed Baby?  Baby has to eat too!  

They look so much alike in these photos, don't they?

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Just Like Mommy

She loves to sip hot coffee.*  Yep, she is definitely a future coffee snob!

*Hot coffee is actually milk, with a tiny shot of hot coffee, served in a cute mug.

The photos were taken with Photo Booth.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Hello Spring, Goodbye Cold & Flu Season

Wednesday was the first warm day here so far this year.  It was quite refreshing and we spent the entire morning outside strolling around the neighborhood and playing at the park.  I'd like to point out to my Southern friends that though it was warm, the kids are still bundled.  It was 'Northern warm,' which basically just means that the sun was out and actually shining.  So, no flip flops yet! 

But, Thursday Nella was a little sick.  I'm hoping that it was the last bout of sickness for the season. 

She was extra pitiful that afternoon so I couldn't resist taking a picture.  Yes, she has a paci (three, actually).  Yes, we still give them to her at bedtime.  Yes, we let her have them that afternoon.  How could we not?!  Look at that pitiful girl!  And, yes, we know we should probably be getting rid of the pacis for good.  We'll work on that.  Anyway, here she's resting on the couch watching, Rudolph.  

That's right.  Rudolph.  She's always asking to watch it.  I always tell her she can't watch that until we have a Christmas tree up in our home.  But I caved, because, that pitiful face!

Nella wasn't the only sick one.  Apparently her baby was under the weather too.  Nella set her up in the swing to get better.  And if you're wondering, Nella's baby doesn't have a name.  But, her baby's baby is named 'Baby Peanut.'  

Tuesday, March 9, 2010