Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Punks at the Pool

Hi.  So, I haven't blogged since early May. Awesome, huh?

I took the kids to Sholem Aquatic Center this morning. It's a really fun public pool/water park that has a nice toddler pool with fountains and a slide. The toddler pool area is only for kids 3 and under, which works out perfectly for us! Kids 3 and under are admitted for free and adults are just $3. So, it's a fun and budget friendly way to spend a weekday morning. I took some photos with my iPod.

Walking to the pool.

Running and splashing!

Silas liked playing with other kids' toys.

Nella loved the slide.

Silas loved jumping in.

Snack time.

After swimming. They were wiped out!

So very exhausted after a morning of swimming in the sun!

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Alisha said...

It's gonna be so fun to take all the Billingslabner kids there in a few weeks!