Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Little White Bungalow Tour - Living Room

Our living room then:

Oh, hi little 9 month old Silas!

And now:
This is actually the only room in the house that we didn't paint. We didn't mind the neutral gray/green/blue so we just left it as is. I still like it and have no plans on changing it anytime soon. The leather is super masculine and not my first choice, but man, is it super easy to clean! Pee, poop, puke, milk, smashed craisins, you name it, it's wiping right off. I like low maintenance furniture.

And there's 19 month old climbing Silas.

Oh, there's climbing Silas again.

That basket is full of neatly-folded blankets that probably need to be put away for the summer months. But anyway, let's have a closer look at my new lamp.

 The lamp is from TJ Maxx and I love it. When you turn it on, you can see the gingham fabric through the canvas shade. Adorable! The chalkboard is currently blank. And those are ultrasound pics of the kiddos in that frame. And those flowers are from Mother's Day.

The trunk was Caleb's grandfather's Army trunk. It's probably my favorite thing in the room. It hides our random junk. Nella likes to jump off of it and Silas thinks it makes a great surface for lining up toy cars and trains and then pushing them off.

Family photos and some artwork by the Nella Bean. She loves to paint.

The huge old map has been in my family for ages. It's beautiful and special.

Living Room To-Do List:
pillows for sofas (i plan on making some. someday. next year probably.)

replace blinds on large window (the others are new, but the big window needs a special order. big window, big blinds, big $)
window treatments (ugh, i'm so lost here. i have no idea what i want. suggestions more than welcome!!)

And if you missed it, here's the kitchen.


Chelsea Bass said...

I love your area rug. I have two small versions of it in my kitchen and by my front door, but both in different colors. I love the arrangement over the couch, and I'm super jealous of your map. I want an old map so bad.

I hope you're going to show us the bedrooms and such!

Stephanie Trapp said...

Everything looks great! My favorite thing is your bookshelves. They actually inspired me a few months back to change mine up a bit. I only had books lined up perfectly straight, but I changed them up with some stacked up and included some pictures and other items.

As for curtain ideas, some really inexpensive ideas I've seen on blogs are paint drop cloths (I think the ones from Home Depot are supposed to work best for this), twin size bed sheets, or burlap. The Nester recently used sheets for curtains in her bedroom redo. Such a great no-sew option!

The Ugly Sunroom said...

Love the grouped picture frames & snazzy decor on the wall!