Monday, September 27, 2010

Fall Pumpkins: Round One

Nella helped me pick out pumpkins at the grocery store last week. I got a large one, she picked a "little tiny baby" one. I had planned on buying some paints so we could paint them. She was just so excited and could not wait so I grabbed a couple of Sharpies from the desk and we went to town. 

She had so much fun! I did too! 

I still may buy some paints and another pumpkin so she can do it again. There's always room for more pumpkins!

Pumpkins - $6
Sharpies - $4
Watching your little girl enjoy being creative - Priceless!

Silas Turned One!

Our silly baby boy is one!  Silas is a little guy:  19 pounds and 15 and 1/2 ounces (5th percentile) and almost 28 inches long (3rd percentile), but he's in the 50th percentile for head size.

He's active.  He loves dancing and will start bouncing any time he hears music.  He is capable of walking, but usually chooses to crawl.  He crawls fast and with his head down as though he's charging something like a bull.  

He loves cars, balls and wooden puzzles.  He loves playing outside (especially in the dirt), playing in the bath, and watching videos of himself or other babies.  He loves bananas, yogurt, carrot muffins, and almost anything covered in a red sauce.   He loves playing with his big sister and can make her laugh like nobody else can.

He doesn't like green beans or chicken and he didn't really love his birthday cake.  He also doesn't love having his diaper changed, his hair washed, his face wiped off, getting dressed or having his clothes changed.  He hates being restrained in a high chair or car seat.

He's said:  mama, dada, baba, and uh-oh.  He shows no interest in talking, but does communicate in other ways, mainly by pointing, babbling and or shrieking.  

He is:  a momma's boy, an early bird, an entertainer, silly, adventurous, extremely curious and a fast learner.

Damage he's done:  scratched DVDs, torn pages out of books, knocked my laptop off of the end table,  spilled beverages, pulled hairs from doll's heads, knocked over a reed oil diffuser which stripped paint off of a wall and piece of furniture, unrolled toilet paper, dropped a shampoo bottle into the toilet, 'highlighted' documents,  etc.

Things he's eaten or we've pulled from his mouth:  a peanut, fuzz, a penny, a button, half of a dead fly, guitar pick, rock, bottle cap, pen cap, clump of dirt, leaf, chalk, twist tie, small puzzle piece, dried old pea/cheerio/macaroni noodle/grape etc. from the kitchen floor.

Silas, you are a handful!  But you are a precious and fun little boy and we love you and can't imagine our lives without you!  

Thanks for the video Aunt Lisa!  She's the only one who got any video footage of the birthday boy!