Saturday, August 6, 2011

Our New Favorite Dinner

I had to share this. You can thank me later.

Seriously, go there now and get that recipe! And look at her pictures, because, well, mine looks pretty rough. This recipe also happens to be for a slow cooker, which I love! The first time I made this, I used brisket because that's what I had. But since then I've been using various cuts of beef roast with great results (brisket is usually pricey). It is a bit more prep work than the average dump-junk-in-and-go slow cooker recipe, but well worth the extra effort. I promise. And do yourself a favor, make the suggested Quick-Pickled Red Onions. They are amazing. 

At the Store With Dad

The kids LOVE when Caleb takes them to the store. 
The rules are a bit different with Dad.
 And also, he gets them candy.