Wednesday, November 17, 2010

This Day Documented: Saturday, November 13, 2010

9:30am - My sister, Becky, arrives with her boys and we load up her van
9:37am - Gas, Starbucks (grande latte w/ 3 raw sugars)
9:45am - 57 Northbound to Chicago
9:48am - Nella requests a snack (typical)
10:10am - Silas asleep (praise God)
10:15am - Ilan asleep

10:30am - Nella asleep
10:45am - Silas awake (oh snap!)
10:48am - Ilan awake (double snap!)
11:07am - Nella awake. Resumes snacking
11:10am - All boy screamfest; Marley, Silas, & Ilan
11:15am - Marley asleep, little boys still going strong
11:30am - little boys asleep again (finally!)

11:45am - Scrounging for change on I-355 Illinois Tollway

11:46am - Receiving IOU slip, we were short 54 cents 

11:50am - Milo and Otis

12:09pm - FLIPS!!! Our favorite Glen Ellyn eatery

12:49pm - Family photo in front of Flips. 3 generations of Flipsters here. My parents have been going since the 70's

1:15pm - Wheaton Popcorn Shop. Another favorite childhood spot; we had so much fun taking our own kids there!

1:17pm - Nella touches all the candy

1:18pm - It's an alley-turned-popcorn/candy store. It has the BEST ceiling!

1:23pm - Heading back to the car with her loot. We spent $1.19

 1:24pm - Nella and Marley are excited about their bags of candy

1:26pm - These cousins are buddies!

1:28pm - "Look at all my lots of candies, Mom!"

1:29pm - Sneaking a bite of a gummy butterfly

1:31pm - Me and Becky with our cousin, Jeff. We used to hit the popcorn shop together as kids
1:45pm - My dad takes us on a driving tour of Wheaton, where he grew up. He loves to tell us stories about and show us places from his childhood as we drive around town. We love Wheaton.

2:36pm - Oberweis Dairy, chocolate malt

 2:37pm - Grandpa shares with Ilan

2:40pm - Grandpa shares with Silas
3:00pm - Trader Joes
4:00pm - My youngest cousin Brett's 16th Birthday Party

 4:15pm - Nella plays with the ferrets (Gross! I, myself am not a fan, but she loves them!)

 4:20pm - Photo time!

 4:25pm - Photos with family. Nan & Pop were in from San Antonio. Here they are with all their grandchildren & great-grandchildren (and my parents, who somehow snuck in the photo)
4:45pm- Silas falls and bites his lip. Bleeds on shirt and couch. He must leave his mark of destruction somehow!
5:50pm - Cake
6:00pm - Nella notices the fire pit and freaks out. Not sure what that's about, but it was quite the scene
6:10pm - Hugs & kisses & goodbyes
6:18pm - Load up van
6:25pm - Starbucks, round 2 (grande latte w/ 3 raw sugars. It's my fave. hint hint. If you love me, you'll buy me a latte!)
6:29pm - Silas & Ilan asleep
6:33pm - Nella & Marley asleep
8:38pm - Home!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Actions Speak Louder


Download "Actions Speak Louder" tomorrow on iTunes! 100% of the proceeds go to His Voice Global to build a fourth orphanage in Southern Sudan. 250,000 downloads will build the orphanage and make it self sufficient. Spend $1, download a cool song, help build an orphanage.  Tell your friends.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Nella Answers Catechism Questions

Nella has been learning the catechism as a part of Redeemer Church's children's program.  We work on it at home during the week and the children review it together on Sunday morning at church.

What the heck is a catechism, you ask?  According to our children's ministry literature, catechism is an anglicized version of the Greek word,  katekeo, which simply means, "to instruct."  The word has come to be known as a style of instruction that teaches the essentials of the Christian faith.

It's a series of memorized questions and answers meant to give someone a general overview of biblical theology.  If you're interested in learning more about it, Desiring God Ministries has a great overview as well as the Baptist Catechism, here.

Anyway, one night I recorded Nella answering the first 10 questions.  She and Silas were in the bathtub, which should explain the splashes and screeches.  I figured at least Granny and Nana would get a kick out of it.  Kid's capacity to learn and memorize is incredible.  Nella is 2 and 1/2.

You'll have to download the audio file because I cannot figure out how to embed it into the post.  Sorry.